Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Up, Down, Up, Down...

You would think I was on a roller-coaster or something all week...people can't seem to make up their minds!
Tuesday morning, Tay, one of our investigators, was a no show to our appointment. Tuesday evening, Sister Clarke and I were able to have a lesson with a less-active member that we have only met once, and she said that we could come back!
 Wednesday afternoon, Sean, another investigator, cancelled our appointment after we had  picked up the member that was coming with us and we pulled up to his house. However, he did reschedule for Thursday afternoon.
 Thursday, we had our lesson with Sean. We answered his questions which led to the first lesson about the Restoration! People, I could have sworn that we were role playing the whole thing. He asked every question that we love to answer! "How do you know its true?" "Can we pray about it right now?" How do I get baptized?" "Where is the church and what time is it at?" "Can we meet again tomorrow?" Awesome, right?! Only problem is, he was high the entire time. For real?! Bleh...It was an interesting lesson.
 Thursday evening, we met with two other less active members, both visits went really well. One of them committed to come to church.
 Friday started out great! We met with yet another less active woman, who again, we have only visited a couple of times. Before going, I had the feeling that I needed to invite her to church, but that she was going to reject so I needed to invite her to church for the following week. She hasn't been to church in a pretty long time, so I extended the invitation to her to come. She rejected, so I again asked if she would come to church but for the following week. And she said yes! She put it on her calendar and everything! I'll let you know how it all plays out....so far though I think its going to be good. :)
 Sean postponed our appointment for that afternoon to that evening, so in the mean time, we went and tried to make contact with our other investigator, Pamela. We were successful and we were able to share a message with her and her husband before they had to leave! It went really good.
Upon leaving their home, we found out that the member that was going to come with us to Sean's lesson couldn't come anymore. Which was not a good thing to hear...so we spent a bit of time trying to find someone to come with us but no one seemed to be available. We almost had to cancel the lesson when we found out that there was going to be a big Relief Society event at the church, which is where we were going to have the lesson anyways. So we were able to still have the lesson because there were other people around!
 The lesson went great. Sean came to it sober, (YAY!) and he still seemed interested in everything. Again he asked what he needed to do in order to be baptized and he accepted all the answers that we gave him, including the giving up drugs part, and told us that he would do it! He committed to coming to church and wanted to meet again after church. It was a great lesson!
 Saturday afternoon we had our usual Free hot chocolate stand, and again, it was a success!
Finally Sunday came along...Sean was a no show, and he stopped replying to our texts...so we will see if we can get in contact with him sometime this week. However, one of our less active members did come to church just like she promised!

 So as you can see, my week has been a roller-coaster. Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down...etc
However, I'm still enjoying it!
Transfers are this week on Thursday; I won't find out what is happening until Wednesday afternoon. Exciting to see what could happen! My companion, or area,(or both!) Could change this week. We shall see; I'll let you all know in my next email!
 I love you all and I hope that you are all doing great!

Love, Sister Meri Wagner

(Only one picture this week, Sister Clarke and I at our Hot Chocolate stand.)

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