Monday, February 9, 2015

How is everyone doing?
 So I forgot to mention a cool story in my email last week....I'll make it short; so there is a gentleman in my stake that found out he was related to the Tang Dynasty from China. So he traveled to China in order to retrieve some family records from the Tang Temple, only to find out that it was burned down. He then decided he needed to go find relatives in the area to see if anyone had copies of these records....the FIRST one that he went to had ALL of the records. In exchange for a Samsung cell phone, this man received over 20,000 family names and records dating back to hundreds of years before Christ's time. Can you say amazing!? The youth in the stake went to the Temple and did baptisms for about 1,400 of them in one day. Cool huh!? I thought it was cool...I thought you all would think it was cool too...
 Anyways! I went on Exchanges this week with Sister Waller! It was an awesome experience. We were able to get meet with a less active in one of the wards and contact a few referrals that we had. Although, I would say the best part was that we placed 6 Book of Mormon's on one street. Flippin' awesome if you ask me! She was a lot of fun to be with, I enjoyed it a lot. :)
 I can officially say that I have experienced "Ice Fog" or what my sister Liz called..."face Knifes" and let me just say....she was kind of right. I walked outside and I turned to Sister Clarke and said, "What is that?" in which she replies..."That's fog, Sister Wagner" No...not just fog. I knew it looked different. That was floating ice crystals in the air. When you walk outside and you get punched in the face by "fog" you know something is different about it. It was cold, that is all I can really say about it. I'm glad we have a car.
 Family history....the one thing I didn't think I would ever enjoy doing....but. Its actually kind of fun. A sister in one of our wards invited us over to show us how to do it so that we could show people who are interested in learning about it and whatnot. I have to say really is kind of fun! I think I would enjoy doing it at home where I can do it whenever.
 Okay Guys! GUESS WHAT. One of our investigators...the one that we haven't been able to get in with since December...and whose husband got hurt...remember her?? Yeah...I'll call her P...anyways...we got in contact with her again and she wants to meet this week. Say wha!? Boo yah! We are both very excited to meet with her again. :)
As for N...She cancelled our appointment for this last week because her and her whole family got sick. Not surprising though...everyone here seems to be getting sick. Hopefully this week though. Fingers crossed! :)

Well...that's the main stuff for this week. Besides the fact that we did the free hot chocolate stand again. (It went good btw....) So I'll just add a few pictures and leave it at that! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

First picture is me while downtown...
Second picture is Sister Clarke and I in front of another frozen lake...
and the Third picture that will come in a separate email is just another random selfie. 

Sister Meri Wagner

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