Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hey Everyone!
I don't know how I want to start this'll start with the weather?....again. haha In a 24 hour period of time it went from 14 degrees C to -17 degrees C.... Can anyone please tell me how this is even possible??? Crazy...but I'm still enjoying it! Thankfully it didn't get cold until after I got better. Yeah...I got sick. It wasn't fun; head ache all day and a queasy stomach. Yuck. I think the worst part was having to eat the enchiladas at a members house and make it look like I wasn't about to hurl. They were good! Just not the best thing to eat when you don't feel the best. Thankfully I succeeded and no one could tell. Feeling sick only lasted about a day though. I feel completely fine now, thankfully!
  Zone Conference was this last Thursday! We were all asked to prepare a short talk and someone would be chosen at the meeting to speak. HA, how was it that from the moment I heard the assignment I knew that I was going to be chosen? Sure enough, when the day came, President Nicholas called on me to talk. We were given 3 subjects to choose from in which case I chose to talk on "teaching/preaching with power and authority" I assume it went well...
The rest of Zone Conference was really good, being able to hear testimonies from the other missionaries and from our leaders was cool!
  So, because of the nice fresh snow on the ground, Saturday we went service tracting and shoveled peoples walks and driveways; fun stuff! We were able to get a couple of good potential investigators out of it....for other missionaries. (We were in a different area helping another district) but that's ok! I still enjoyed it none the less. :) Afterwards, Sister Clarke and I went back to our area and with our district, did a free hot chocolate stand. Can you say success!? We started out with 10 Gallons of delicious hot chocolate, and we gave it all out (along with invites to church and cards...we just slipped them into the cup sleeves) in about an hour! Probably about 90 cups total. We did it near an intersection so the Elders were running out with the cups and giving it to people who were at stop lights. People loved it! And I have to say that it was tons of fun! We plan on doing it again soon; I'm excited! 
Along side of all that fun stuff....We were able to meet with another less active member yesterday. Honestly, I have high hopes for her, she says she wants to come back, she just has to figure some stuff out. It was a great lesson, and I can tell she honestly does have a testimony.
The work in this area is moving along great! We have about 3 or 4 less active members that we are meeting with on a regular weekly basis, and an investigator who we meet with regularly as well. I am honestly very happy with the work that is going on here in the Mahogany/Auburn Bay area, and I only see it getting better in the future! I've been making friends with people I would have never met if I didn't come here, I am so thankful that I did!

Sorry I have to keep this short. I love you all and I think of you all the time!

-Sister Meri Wagner

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