Monday, January 19, 2015

Hey Everybody!
How are you all doing?
Let me just say that this week has been great! I honestly can't stop smiling. :) We met with one of our investigators a few days ago..(I'm going to refer to her as "N") was awesome! We talked about the restoration, and the Holy Ghost. The discussion was going really well; after I had said the first vision I asked her what her thoughts were...she started out by saying that it wasn't fair of me to ask her a question after something like that, because she was confused as to why she had tears in her eyes yet she felt good. (you can imagine my happiness when hearing that!) We began to explain more about the Spirit and how it testifies to each one of us. N has committed to read the Book of Mormon, and said that once she finds out that its true she will be baptized! Yay! We have another appointment with her this Thursday. Sister Clarke and I are both very excited. :)
 We received a referral from a member in one of our wards. He has been talking to a lady that he knows about the Gospel, and she asked to meet with us because she has a lot of questions. So we called her and she wants to meet this weekend! WOO! What a great way to start off a new transfer! Honestly, all of the knocking on doors, rejections, and hard work pays off...the Lord will bless us when we do our best, even if its in a way we aren't expecting!
 Aside from those two appointments, we have a lot of other plans that we are excited for. All in all I think this week is going to be great. :)

 Anyways! Guess what guys! It was warm enough for me to wear a short sleeve shirt outside! (see picture below) We went to go do some service and it was probably about 54 degrees was fantastic. :)
The second picture is me right after our appointment with N...I was pretty happy as you can tell.

I love you all and think of you often! I hope everyone is doing well!

-Sister Meri Wagner
*Favorite Scripture of the week* Alma 26:11-12, 36-37

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