Monday, December 22, 2014

This week has had its ups and downs. One of our investigators cancelled our appointment and said we can start again in the new year...I really hope she follows through and we can start teaching again in the new year like she says
 As for our other investigator, we met with her and she is awesome! We didn't even have a chance to ask if we can meet again or if she would go to church; she just said it outright that she wants to meet with us on a weekly basis that she wants to come to church. YAY! Sister Clarke and I are very excited, and can't wait to meet with her again.
 The rest of our week has been full of knocking on doors, stopping and talking to people on the street, and of course...getting rejected. However everyone is usually nice about it when they do reject us....we have yet to be yelled at. So that's good.

 So, Sister Clarke and I took our car to the repair shop today because of some damage done previous to our we are thinking a few hours with no car...HA! more like a few days. Looks like we will be getting plenty of exercise this week because we will be walking, EVERYWHERE. Thankfully it hasn't been too cold and it has yet to snow. (and to think I wanted a white Christmas....I'm good with this weather now!) 
Speaking of Christmas...can anyone else believe that it is THIS week!? Man, time is going by so fast...I can't believe it is so close. I'm excited to talk to the familiy in just a few short days,(I'm pretty sure I have said this before in another update...but its true!) but I am so happy that I get to spend this time out serving the Lord. I can't think of a better Christmas!
 I'm sorry that this update will be short, but to make up for it here are a couple of pictures!

The first one is of Sister Clarke and I at the bowling alley last monday, (we get to go again today! Woo!) and the Second one is just me taking a random Selfie...cause I can.

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